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Sharleen Orphe JeanBaptiste


Sharleen is the founder of Giving Grace Farmers & Fishermen Cooperative. As the CEO/AgProducer of Orphe Creole Farms, LLC which is a specialty crop farm located in Louisiana, Sharleen began developing Giving Grace Farmers & Fishermen Cooperative in 2016 to assist small rural farmers who were experiencing similar challenges in their business.  Since then the organization has grown steadily and now has 43 Louisiana Statewide agricultural producers, orchard growers, and fishermen as members of the organization.

Sharleen acquired over 38 years of developing, managing, and monitoring community-based programs for historically disadvantaged and underserved areas in rural, MSA, and inner cities since 1996;  when she founded Liberty Heights Community Center – a humanitarian food and subsistence center in Dallas, TX.

Sharlene has successfully written approved proposals from grantors of federal, state, local, and foundation for nonprofits and small minority businesses; including preparation and approval of over nineteen 501c3 grassroots agencies, nationwide.  She is the author of KEEP ON GIVING: Write & Submit Your 501(C)3 Nonprofit, NOW! ISBN: 978-1517465193 and 2nd Edition. 

Sharleen Orphe’ JeanBaptiste B.A.A.S. A.G.S., holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Arts & Sciences in Community Development from the University of North Texas and an Associates General Studies Degree from the University of Louisiana.  

Left to Right: Virgie Pete; Sharleen Orphe JeanBaptiste; Willis Jacob

Left to Right: Virgie Pete; Sharleen Orphe JeanBaptiste; Willis Jacob

Left to Right: Michael Dubone; Sharleen Orphe JeanBaptiste;

Left to Right: Michael Dubone; Sharleen Orphe JeanBaptiste;

Michael Dubone


Michael attended Northrop School of Engineering and later went on to work as an Aerospace Engineer from 1978 to 1994.   Later, Micheal became CEO of T & M Transportation Services where he provided transportation services to public, handicapped people to various destinations. Micheal later went on to secure a CDL license to transport produce from across the country.  Micheal currently holds a private pilot license Cert#SS# from the Spartan School of Aeronautics(1999-2001).

Virgie Pete, A.B.A.


Virgie completed her Associate’s Degree in Business Administration, from Remington College. As an United States Army Specialist 4, 77F10 Petroleum Supply Specialist, she operated and maintained petroleum storage, dispensing and distribution facilities, pipeline systems and operated a light quarter ton fuel truck (1989-1997). Virgie’s tour or duty included: Kaiserslautern, West Germany, Turkey and Iraq. Assignment: “Operation Provide Comfort,” which was a Humanitarian effort to assist the Kurds after Desert Storm (1999-2012).

Willis Jacob

Board Member

Mr. Willis worked for 20 years in offshore drilling for Teledyne. Later he would return to farming for 30 years. Mr. Willis comes from a share-cropping farming family and has unparalleled knowledge of specialty crop farming in Louisiana gained from years of farming specialty crops such as, field okra, peppers (cayenne, Tabasco, jalapeno, italian, chili); greens (mustard,turnip, cabbage); broccoli, sweet potatoes, and beets.

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